Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Dress to skirt refashion

I started with a dress and a skirt, both were too small and too short.

The dress fabric was thin and stretchy, the skirt was heavy cotton.

I cut the top off the dress and made strips out of the skirt.

To make a pleated strip for lengthening and adding interest to the new skirt.

I just turned the fabric over at the waist to make a yoga type waistband, its very comfy.

There are more details here

The Eclipse Shirt

Hello Refashion Co-op. I was all eclipse crazy the passed couple weeks and made a shirt for the occasion.

I used a big men's shirt and cut off the bottom and cut the back open. I pulled the two sides together and over lapped them. My back was covered but had some fresh air too.

I added some round yellow suns.

And some black moons too.

Then I went out and watched the sky, like everyone else in North America. It was really cool.

For more pictures and details go to I Can Work With That.

Rockin' 80's Refash

Last week the hubby took me to see my most favorite rock band: Foreigner!!! O-M-G I can't begin to tell you guys how happy I was! I LOVE every single one of their songs!
This lovely vest shirt was given to me by our roomie, who actually move out and is not a roomie anymore :(
I began by turning it inside out and putting it on my dress form: Sally.
I took the sides in a bit, about 1 inch. I stitched the sides up and that was it! Shirt: done!
Now for this next part...don't judge me!
This is something I usually frown upon....Undergarments as OUTERgarments. But seeing that this was a rock concert I made an exception.
But this undergarment will not do all by it's self! It needed some pizzazz!
I picked up some sticky rhinestones and sheet of rhinestones and stuck that on to add some pizzazz! Ohhh Yeah!
Foreigner was SO AMAZING!!! I was so happy I finally got to see them in concert! Plus I made a rockin' outfit!
I also made these cut off shorts a few years ago! Bonus! I think they really completed my outfit! (I had to take my after picture after the show due to the horrible downpour of rain during the show).

Happy Refashioning!!!

Check out my stash of refashions on my blog: http://therefashstash.wordpress.com

Sunday, August 20, 2017

dress refashion 👗


''When summer  is in the city we need dresses to have fun💃'' I made it up but probably  you can agree with me  that dresses👗 are perfect for summer. Not so long ago I bought 2👗👗pretty but very big and not so modern style dresses in sh near me.You can see both on 👉 my instagram. They are made from perfect fabric for summer , in beautiful colors and patterns, I had no choice😻 
I had to refashion them .

                                              Dress Before :

I found this very pretty dress in little sh near my home, it was way too big and in ''granny style''👵 but I felt in love  with this warm beautiful color and patterns. The fabric is 100 % viscose which is great for summer.

  during work 👊

here 👇 you can see ready dress on me, I love  love the color, claret is one of my favourite ❗
Dress is now super comfortable and fit perfectly . I'm really happ😊 because of this refashion , to be honest ealier I was afraid a little of resizing  dresses  I always wanted my all refashions to be wearable, not just for 1 time for photoshoot and sewing dresses seemed to be very difficult ..., but it's past , soon I will show another dress refashion.
 It's important to fight with our fears  👹🔫


Love ,

Friday, August 18, 2017

Un nouveau tee-shirt

ça fait un petit moment que je ne suis pas venue vous présenter un petit recyclage....... pourtant je couds .....mais mon étourderie y est pour quelque chose car parfois j'oublie de faire les photos "avant"...
Quelle tête de linotte je fais ! Lol
Alors voici le dernier petit recyclage réalisé avec un nouveau patron "Ambre" qui est d'ailleurs offert gratuitement par sa créatrice Chantal New Style.

Le tee-shirt de départ :

Depuis quelques temps j'aime bien mixer les motifs avec de l'uni, et pour cela ce patron ultra simple est impeccable car il peut s'adapter facilement pour un petit recyclage comme le mien .....

Et voici le résultat après  :

Comme vous pouvez le voir j'ai fait quelques modifs au patron d'origine afin d'utiliser au mieux le peu de tissu imprimé dont je disposais. 

Je pense que ce patron ne va pas avoir le temps de moisir dans mes étagères car il est vraiment top pour le recyclage ! Pour en savoir plus n'hésitez pas à me rendre visite Ici 

Et vous, vous avez un patron fétiche pour vos recyclages ?